President: Katie DiBacco                              (

Katie Portrait.JPG

Katie is a Senior Neuroscience Pre-Med major. She joined Active Minds after learning about it at Late Night at the SLC. She wants to help eliminate the stigma and avoidance of mental health topics through the use of discussion and education.

Vice President: Madeline Quenan                                              (Madeline

Maddy Portrait

Maddy Quenan is a junior psychology major. She joined Active Minds her freshman year and has loved every minute of it. Active Minds is important to her because it is a space where conversation is not bound by stereotypes and as an organization we can work together to fight stigma surrounding mental illness.

Social Media Chair:  Laila McCutcheon  (

Laila Portrait

Laila is a Junior Environmental Health Science Pre-Med major. She joined Active Minds after interacting with its members. She then decided she wanted to help them make a difference. Active Minds is important to her because she wants to help raise awareness about mental illness and eliminate the stigma through bringing mental health into peoples’ daily lives by making it a common topic for discussion and education.

Fundraising Chair: Illiana Trevino            (

Iliana Portrait

Iliana is a Psychology major. She joined Active Minds to start conversations within the Baylor community about mental health and facilitate student interactions with the Counseling Center.

 Community Outreach Chair: Toi Tennessee (

Toi Portrait

Toi is a sophomore history and sociology major. She joined Active Minds to try and make a difference at Baylor. She wants to reduce misconceptions about mental illness and erase the stigmas associated with them.

Secretary: Lexi Rima                                                  (

Lexi Portrait

Lexi is a junior English Literature major who learned about Active Minds while searching for Baylor organizations. She likes to read, write, and buy more candles than she needs to own. As an officer, she hopes to help educate students about mental health and make it easier and less awkward to talk about mental illnesses.

Research Coordinator:  Jonathan Raroque (

Jonathan Portrait

Jonathan is a Sophomore Pre-Psychology major. He learned about Active Minds at Late Night. Having always been interested in mental health, he decided to join the organization after hearing its mission of spreading awareness about the topic. Through Active Minds, he hopes to not only further his own knowledge on the subject of mental health but also help end the stigmas surrounding it.




2 thoughts on “Officers

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  2. Fellow Bears! It’s great to see Baylorites stepping up to share how important mental health is! As a adult, child & adolescent psychiatrist, I would love to partner with y’all in any way that I can. Keep up the great work!

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