President: Allison Le Grace (


Allison is a Senior English major. She joined Active Minds to help make an impact on the Baylor community by spreading awareness about mental illnesses among college students. She hopes to get more people involved in the fight against stigmas.

Vice President: Katie DiBacco (


Katie is a Junior Neuroscience Pre-Med major. She joined Active Minds after learning about it at Late Night at the SLC. She wants to help eliminate the stigma and avoidance of mental health topics through the use of discussion and education.

Secretary: Alli Miller (


Alli is a Junior Biology major. She joined Active Minds after learning about it at late night. She wants to be able to make a difference in the way college students approach mental health and to reduce the usage of stigmas on our college campus.

Fundraising and Community Outreach Chair: Mishayla Smith 


Mishayla is a Junior Medical Humanities major.  She joined Active Minds after hearing about it from a friend.  She believes that more advocacy and awareness of mental health is needed in order to eliminate the stigma.  As an officer of Active Minds she hopes to take part in this movement on Baylor’s campus.

Treasurer: Shubham Mittal 


Shubham is a Sophomore Business Fellow. He joined after visiting the booth at Late Night. He wants to help bring change to how we perceive mental illness and help expand the avenues for individuals to seek help.

Web Master: Callie Easley (


Callie is a Junior Communication Specialist major. After learning about Active Minds at Late Night, she joined to help make a difference on the Baylor campus. She hopes to spread awareness about mental health for college students and work to eliminate stigmas associated with mental disorders.


2 thoughts on “Officers

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  2. Fellow Bears! It’s great to see Baylorites stepping up to share how important mental health is! As a adult, child & adolescent psychiatrist, I would love to partner with y’all in any way that I can. Keep up the great work!

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