Active Minds at Baylor University

 The name of this organization shall be Active Minds at Baylor University, known on campus as Active Minds. The campus group will be a chapter of the national organization called Active Minds, Inc., based in Washington, D.C.

The purpose of this organization shall be:
1)    To increase awareness among Baylor students about issues of mental health, symptoms of mental illness, and available resources from the Counseling Center and from around the Waco community.
2)    To become a point of reference for Baylor students for information on depression, bipolar disorder, suicide prevention, schizophrenia, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol and drug abuse, and any other disorders that come appropriate for discussion.
3)    To become a liaison between Baylor students and the mental health community through distribution of fact sheets, hosting and sponsoring charity fundraisers, guest speakers, and related events, and maintaining a website.

Executive Board

The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Publicity Chair, and Webmaster. Any member of the group is eligible to hold office. In case of a vacancy, the group will elect a replacement at the next meeting of the entire group. An officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the organization.

Duties of Officers

 All Officers- Officers are required to attend 75% of all meetings and events, including General meetings and Executive Board meetings. Events during classes, such as tabling at Chapel, that an officer cannot attend due to a Baylor course conflict should not count against this 75% attendance requirement. Events that will count against the 75% attendance should also be planned at least one week in advance. Officers that do not meet the 75% attendance requirement during the Fall semester of their office will be put on “officer probation” during the Spring semester. During the semester on “officer probation,” an officer will not be eligible for any Executive Board nomination for the following Fall semester.

 President– Preside over general and board meetings; take the role of the primary authority regarding decisions pertinent to Active Minds; have the authority to deposit and withdraw funds from bank accounts; be the liaison between the organization and other related Baylor authorities/organizations; begin the approval process for all meetings prior to the first day of the Fall semester; is responsible for leading outreach opportunities in the Waco and Baylor communities; works with Student Activities in the approval process for all items related to the organization, unless the responsibility of an event falls under the duties of another officer; delegate authority to other officers; make sure Active Minds is following all areas of the Active Minds at Baylor University Constitution; charged with making sure all officer positions are preparing mid-Spring semester to hand authority down to the elected officers for the following Fall semester; is responsible for checking the Active Minds at Baylor University mailbox at least once a month; is responsible for updating the Student Activities roster for Active Minds and the student organization’s webpage (; is responsible for submitting the Chapter Inventory and any other necessary items from Active Minds, Inc.

Vice President- Assist the President in important decisions pertinent to Active Minds; act as primary authority regarding issues at the Office of Student Life (sign up for banner poles, reserve tables for information fairs, etc.); make sure the organization is preparing for the upcoming semester and/or school year; act as an overflow for other officers who are working on other projects; act as a stand-in when the President is not able to attend a meeting or event; get the Active Minds t-shirt design(s) approved; update the Active Minds tri-fold each year.

Secretary- Take attendance, notes and minutes at each meeting and report this information via the Active Minds at Baylor University blog within 48 hours of a meeting; draft solicitation and thank you notes to be distributed after major events; communicate with all members in regards to events Active Minds is participating in or hosting; communicate with all potential speakers for meetings and request approval from Student Activities for the speakers; in the event the Secretary cannot post the information, the Webmaster is required to post this information; take attendance at each meeting.

Treasurer- Keep a written account of all Active Minds funds transactions (a spreadsheet named “ActiveMinds_BankAccount” should be passed down to each Treasurer by the President or previous Treasurer); along with the President, have the authority to deposit and withdraw funds from the organization’s bank accounts (includes: handling all money, handling the use of the Active Minds debit card, buying all necessary items for meetings and events, etc.); purchase t-shirts through a Baylor approved company after the design has been approved by Student Activities; pick up and distribute t-shirts to officers, members, and the Baylor community when necessary; assume responsibility for t-shirt order errors; will work with the Fundraising Chair to develop a budget and keep track of all expenses; assist the Fundraising Chair to ensure that the budget is always kept in mind when planning events.

Fundraising Chair- Research and initiate fundraising efforts on the Baylor campus; request approval for fundraising efforts from Student Activities; ensure that all rules and regulations are followed throughout fundraising efforts; work alongside the Publicity Chair to ensure that all fundraising efforts are advertised to the best of the organization’s ability; a fundraising effort should be followed through at least once a semester to ensure that Active Minds at Baylor University has the ability to be a self-sustaining organization on the Baylor campus; will work with the Treasurer to develop a budget and keep track of all expenses; work with the Treasurer to ensure that the budget is always kept in mind when planning events; if necessary, seek assistance from the Student Government Allocation Fund, as long as a budget is available to do so for an Active Minds at Baylor University event.

Publicity Chair- Contact school and local newspapers and other publications about upcoming events; hold responsibility for advertising to the general public, which includes: creating posters and flyers for events and meetings, emailing the Baylor Horizon, submitting a slide to be shown at Chapel, and organizing chalk dates; secure advertising for upcoming events in every avenue possible at least two weeks prior to the event; communicate with the President on all publicity related events; acquire approval for all flyers and posters.

 Webmaster- Keep track of current, local, and national mental health news; will report news and any opportunities for involvement to group members at meetings if time permits and/or through social media websites; research each month’s topic and update all social media with this research; mandatory updates once a week; if the secretary cannot post minutes and meeting summaries on the blog, the Webmaster must post instead; share flyers and posters on the blog; update the “Meet Your Officers” page with new bios and pictures after each election; keep the blog up-to-date and make any changes necessary for improvement; research and access information from; change the password each year for all forms of social media and provide this password to the President, Vice President and Secretary; take pictures at all events and meetings to post them on social media sites.


Elections shall be held in the middle of the spring semester. Assuming adherence to the standards set forth for Baylor student organizations, any student may run for office. Nominations may be made from two weeks prior to the election meeting until the election for that specific office. Officers must be elected by a simple majority. In case of a tie, the president determines the winner. The elections are to be made by secret ballot at a standard meeting. Winners are to be announced immediately. If someone wins a race in absentia, the Secretary will email the winner within 48 hours of the election.

Co-Presidents Clause – In the event that an Active Minds member is nominated for the President officer position, but is graduating in December and will not be able to fulfill the President’s duties during the Spring semester, another Active Minds member that will be a University student for at least one whole school year, can be nominated as well. These two individuals then will share the role and responsibilities of the President for Active Minds at Baylor University as Co-Presidents. Once the Spring semester begins, the Co-President that is still a University student will be able to take on all responsibilities on his or her own as the sole President of Active Minds.

If an officer position is not filled during normal spring semester elections, a candidate must be chosen within the first three weeks of the next semester. The decision should be agreed upon by at least 75% of the current executive board members, and if possible the candidate should be chosen from currently active members. In the case that choosing an active member is not possible, a nonmember may be selected after being interviewed by at least three board members and a two-thirds majority vote by the current executive board.


Active Minds is open to all members of the Baylor community, students and faculty alike. They are required to register with the President and Secretary, for attendance and quorum purposes. To be considered an active member, a member must:

  1. Maintain a minimum current and cumulative GPA of 2.25
  2. Be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours, or be considered full time in a graduate program
  3. Must attend at least three meetings and assist in the planning of at least one event per semester

Committees may be created as necessary by the President for specific events and projects. Any active member may be selected as a committee chair if no Board member is acting as such. Committee chairs are appointed by the President and will coordinate planning and execution of the committee project. Any number of active members may be on a committee.

Finances and Dues

There will be no membership dues. The President or Treasurer will authorize expenditures.


Meetings will be held a minimum of once a month. Meetings may be held more often as the President deems necessary. The date of the next meeting will be agreed upon at every meeting, and will be included in the Secretary’s minutes for that meeting. All active members are eligible to vote. For a standard meeting, half of the active members are required for a quorum. Two-thirds of members are required for an election meeting. If a situation arises not covered by the constitution or bylaws, the President may, but is not required to, defer to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Amendments to Constitution/Bylaws

Amendments may be proposed by any active member at a meeting. If seconded, the amendment will be voted on at the following meeting. A two-thirds majority is required to pass amendments.


While maintaining strong relations with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Mental Health Association, and National Institutes of Mental Health, we are an independent organization, affiliated only with the national headquarters of Active Minds, Inc. (Washington, D.C.).

Non-Discrimination Clause

Active Minds at Baylor University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, or disability. Active Minds at Baylor welcomes a diverse membership, as all experiences and perspectives are appreciated and respected.

Changes to this Constitution must be approved by the Department of Student Activities.

Additional questions for student organization application –

1. Benefit to the University and students:

Active Minds is a national organization that aims to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and improve the lives of those living with mental illness. By chartering this organization on the Baylor campus, Active Minds will be a point of reference for all members of the community for appropriate resources and opportunities for activism. All members of Active Minds will have the opportunity to increase awareness of common college-aged disorders and illnesses on campus, and will thereby support the mission of the University by supporting the community.

2. Goals and Outcomes

The goals of Active Minds involve increasing awareness and support for mental disorders and illnesses on the University campus. The organization will strive to provide correct and relevant information to the student body and surrounding community regarding these disorders. Success will be regarded with increased traffic to the counseling center and positive communication happening on campus with regards to these disorders. The organization will host campus-wide events and meetings that will strive to be a sounding board for University specific needs and concerns.

3. Vision and Longevity

Connecting with the student body and finding quality leadership for the organization is the highest priority. The need for a neutral group to discuss mental illness, both as it relates to University life as well as after college is great. Group members will work actively with the counseling center staff to ensure that relevant issues are being discussed and the correct information is being presented to the student body. By maintaining an active membership and a passionate resolve to connect students with appropriate resources, we will ensure the success of the group in the future.


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